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Where else can I find a cheap house?

This is a classic question for those who earn a maximum of USD 3.5 million or get stuck USD 5 million.

It’s known, nothing can guarantee that the official price of a house in Indonesia can be controlled. A year can be four to five times the increase. That’s just in terms of price, not to mention thinking about mortgage rates or home loans.  Just don’t be discouraged. There are still cheap houses out there that can be glimpsed. Just know the strategy to find cheap home loans.

Then try to leave the old way by relying on information from advertisements in the mass media, googling, or visiting housing exhibitions. After all, looking for a cheap house is like a needle in a straw.  Or in other words, looking for cheap homes that need extra time to survey the area. Why? Because cheap houses will not be published.

To be effective in searching, prepare a route to villages that are still accessible by car. The road does not need to be smoothly paved, as long as the width is important for the car to enter.

This is important because if you redeem it with a mortgage.

This is important because if you redeem it with a mortgage.

The bank will require that creditable houses be located on the side of the road through the car. How to find cheap houses in so many areas? The first step is to look for a developing region. The number of minimarkets can be an indicator.

In addition, consider also whether there is construction of roads, housing, or other infrastructure. That is enough to be a marker targeting the area as a target for house hunting.  Usually in that area there are many town house style housing. It means housing with less than 20 units.

Because the land area is narrow and developers want to get high profits, they only build houses under type 36. These developers quickly sell houses that are built so the price is quite skewed. Or if you are hockey, you can get a resale house in the vicinity.  If you already have a targeted house, the next is a home ownership credit (KPR) survey. It’s easier to directly see the KPR simulation.

There will be clearly displayed mortgage picture that can adjust to the financial profile. If the house is cheap, usually the down payment or down payment is also more affordable.  This step is better than staring at one-on-one brochures from banks that offer home mortgages with cheap home loan claims. Or there are also banks that offer home loan offers without DP (down payment).

Look for home loan installments that don’t make you poor

Look for home loan installments that don

Oh yeah one more thing, if you want a lighter installment, you can also listen to how to get a Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP). This facility is quite helpful in sorting the monthly repayment expense because the government bears a portion of the installment interest. Remember, FLPP is not a subsidy to reduce the selling price of houses.

Reportedly the government will raise the price limit of subsidized houses or houses / towers in the FLPP program. It is not yet known exactly when the FLPP will be revised. It’s good to look for a house from now on so that you can still apply for FLPP with the old rules.

And one more thing, it is highly recommended that a house in credit status be insured because after all, the house is an asset that must be protected. So, how?