How to Know My Ability to Repay a Bank Loan?

Since the last ten years, it has been noticed that the field of the loan has increased considerably; a large number of households use this system to try to improve their standard of living; and at this moment, some people are thinking of adopting it. Moreover, if you are not very aware of the reality, know that getting a loan is not a breeze; on the contrary, it is a real journey of the battle. It is necessary to study everything scrupulously by making the perfect support, to nest all the chances of your flank.

It is also clear that rock water that adroit branches in the universe of debt or banks will not lend easily to anyone, and in any way; before accepting the requests of his clients, they must have the ultimate conviction that the questors will be able to pay all of their dues with the percentage including, otherwise everything will be doomed to failure. Currently, fuzziness remains on the subject and it is for this reason that requests in flood are rejected. As such, we would very much like to contribute to the success of all concerned.

Consequently, in order for your file to be successful, it is essential that you have the appropriate resources to repay the funding granted; nevertheless, how do you know that you hold his faculties? It is because of his innumerable questions that balloon your mind on this predisposition so much demanded, that we decided to dedicate an article especially on the subject. If you want to know more, you can contact us directly. We will be more than happy to help you, we can even make a simulation to discern your true trend ; In addition, you can detect in advance the type of credit that best suits your needs.

What exactly is meant by the term repayment capacity?

What exactly is meant by the term repayment capacity?

In fact, it indicates the optimal sum that you can dedicate to the payment of your endorsements without that does not cause bad impacts on the state of your budget. Pockets frequently lock this cap into 30% of your net resources each month ; in any case, this should not exceed 34 per cent; above this figure, the applicant is considered risky. However, it can be judged more as an indicator than an indisputable commitment.

Your payment provision must be equal to the maximum amount you can honor based on your income, and after deducting all expenses.

To know it, the accomplishment of a simple calculation is essential

To know it, the accomplishment of a simple calculation is essential

To do so, you can choose between one of the following options:

You can use the calculator online; it will show you in a few clicks the mass that you can modestly devote to your acquittal. Especially since he can evaluate the full cost of your loan.

At your banker’s, if you consult him instantly, you have only to deliver the whole of your situation and it is him who will determine your ability of indebtedness, and the bottom that you can claim. For example, professional seniority, married or divorced, the number of children in your care or alimony, etc.

From time to time, they apply the normal ratio; that is to say, 33% of indebtedness vis -à- vis your net annual gain. If your return is variable, the stock market will be more circumspect; thus, it may be that it decreases the rate by 25%. All this to show you that it varies from one consortium to another.

And if on the contrary, your profit is eminent, the sign will look in your favor and it will give you the usual coefficient, see a little more. Judging that even after making your monthly refund, you have a reasonable balance.

At the signing of the clause, the creditor will give you what is called a schedule ; the whole essential structure will be specified within, month by month, and there is also the capital and its interest. Do not lose it, so try to keep it safe in a safe place.

In case you wish to carry out the evaluation yourself, it is possible; however, we do not recommend it to you, because a small mistake will then distort your judgment.

Additional points to see

Additional points to see

It is essential that you know how to use all the assets that you have in your possession and do not hesitate to make good use of it; do not hesitate to use a co-borrower, your best friend or a member of your family, this can tip the scales and play to your advantage. It’s the same for married people; it is more convenient to borrow from two, everything will be taken into account momentarily!

Why is it important?

Why is it important?

Assuming that it does not exist, you will have the money you have claimed and what will you do if after using all to buy a vehicle or to finance your wedding, you have nothing left. Your resource does not allow you to make a refund, because it is not enough and you have parallel debts to settle; yet you have to feed yourself, you have other loads on your heels. You believe that the trust will sit idly by waiting for you to pay, you know the answer; they will launch countless procedures to force you, because in one way or another, their only goal is to recover their assets, be careful to harm you. Subsequently, they will seize the objects or movables or property pledged, sell them at a low price, as long as it brings them back; and finally, you go to court. Admit that this is still what you want; it will be an excruciating experience to live!

The discovery and application of this process helps to prevent any mishaps as it can determine from the start the ideal loan for your projects and the duration of the deadline. In this way, your financial condition will be stable and balanced.

Indeed, it is an excellent method to protect the two signatory parties, because all the concerns will be controlled; it is better to take the necessary precautions before signing this type of contract.

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